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First moments at Lund University

And so it zoomed by, pun intended! Namely my first month at Lund University. It has been both bizarre – and bizarrely normal – to start in a new position almost entirely remotely.

So very ‘new normal’!

Simultaneously a shared scholarly pursuit brings an unmistakable sense of familiarity. In many ways I already feel very much at home. I am greatly inspired by ongoing scholarly exchanges, concretised by the presentation (pictured) of Rasmus Sinding S√łndergaard talking of Scandinavia and the International Year of Human Rights 1968 at the department seminar this Wednesday.

I have had some preliminary contacts with students & started my first course preparations. Things really get going next week as I meet my first bunch of bachelor supervisees. I have been allotted generous time with each of them (a grand total of five to start with!).

This feels very luxurious in today’s academia all too often defined by hast.

I remain deeply grateful to all my new colleagues for the warmth of their welcome – and their generosity at the face of my admittedly numerous questions. Undoubtedly there are more to come!

As for myself: I suppose the news of having a permanent academic position is only now starting to sink in. The road here has been long, and I was never quite sure whether this would be my final destination – both because of the scarcity of available positions & my fascination with a broad set of different professional tasks.

Yet once I am here, I cannot deny that the security – and above all, the sense of predictability – is significant. I also already feel a rejuvenated sense of inspiration for scholarly work, something that was waning even if I did not want to admit it.

I realise how conflicting this sounds to all my colleagues continually tackling with precarity! Suppose the only thing I can say is:

If you can muster the energy, hang in there as the right position for you too might be just around the corner – or across the border, as was the case with me.

Thanks to everyone at the Human Rights Studies, Lund University for allowing me to share this photo!